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Specialty Sales Tools from IYFA

Specialty Sales Tools from IYFA

Here at In Your Face Apparel, we have a couple of unique sales tools to help you succeed with your clients.

Multi-Deco Shirt Sales Tool

Our multi-deco sample shirt is a great selling tool. It allows you to showcase some of the more common transfer options that are available. This sales tool helps the customer envision what the decorating technique will look like and what it looks like on a garment. Not only do these shirts have different types of transfers, it also shows the versatility in the companies that use these transfers, from bars and restaurants to sports teams and retail stores.

Multi Deco Sale Shirt FrontMulti Deco Sales Shirt Back


We offer a wide variety of transfers including:

– Rhinestones

– Rhinestuds

– Nailheads

– Hotfix Glitter

– Foil

– Litho Transfers

– Foil Sequins

– Flocking

– Multi Deco Transfers


Plastisol vs. Waterbase Print Shirt Sales Tool

Plastisol vs Waterbase Sales Tool

The two types of inks used to screen print on garments are waterbased inks and plastisol ink. Since the quality and attributes of each type of ink differ, In Your Face offers a 50/50 print shirt as a sample.  This sample shirt is printed with half waterbased ink and half plastisol ink. This makes it a useful sales tool to show clients so they can see and feel the difference between the different types of ink.





Plastisol Ink

– Less expensive ink

– Can go on most garments

– Ink sits on top of garment

– Rough to touch

– No embellishing over print

– Cracks over time


Waterbased Ink

– Ink absorbs into the fabric

– Soft hand feel and breathable

– Print last the life of the garment

– Add transfers such as rhinestones or foil

– Not compatible with all garments or colors


Contact one of our Sales Associates today and ask about how to get these samples today!

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