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Why Do Custom Apparel?

Why Do Custom Apparel?

Today’s promotional market has more options for apparel than ever before. Industry distributors and their customers see market blanks in retail almost on a daily basis. Ten years ago the gap between retail fashion and promotional blanks was very large. Today, however, many blank suppliers have crossed over into the promotional market and supply many styles that also are popular at retail.

Your solution is to stand apart and you can do that by going completely custom. Should you choose to go custom, look for a supplier-partner with capabilities to design and produce a garment that cannot be found anywhere else.

Three main points to go custom!

  1. Custom apparel offers an opportunity to give your customer a unique garment and exactly what they wanted. This gives the customer a garment that is unique to only them, and that will stand them apart.
  2. When you do custom apparel, you exclusively have that design. Since it is a custom design, the customer cannot shop around with the same design, making the garment a commodity.
  3. To create a partnership. Custom apparel allows you to offer your customer something unique that no other competitor can give them. This creates a partnership that keeps the customer coming back.


Custom_PMS Match Raglan Custom_Cut and Sew 21 Pilots Hoodie








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